South Poll Cattle

At Glenmar Farms, we raise a large herd of grass-fed cattle. Grass-fed cattle are cows that graze the property they live on and primarily eat grass and then other natural nutrients to promote their healthy diets. We raise South Poll cattle as well. These cows are different than most ordinary cows. They are raised for beef, not dairy. They have a certain coloring to them that also makes them different from other beef cows. South Poll cattle have a red or rust color compared to your typical black and white beef cow. These cows are bred to tolerate heat better than any other cow. South Poll cows thrive on grazing for their main source of food. This type of cow makes our farm dynamic stronger and healthier.

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South Poll cattle are valued by their fertility and longevity. They are bred to live and survive in the heat and other harsh living conditions. South Poll cows are known to be very gentle and calm animals. At our farm, they graze throughout a 200-acre property, which gives them lots of playing and feeding area. South Poll cattle have an excellent temperament and loving attitude. They are easy to raise and an asset to a strong and loving family farm.


They produce very lean and tender meat for consumers. South Poll cattle are more tender cattle than English cattle, which is pleasing to most customers. Because these cows are grass-fed, their meat contains a much higher count of vitamins. Grass-fed cattle meat contains Vitamin A and Vitamin E and tend to be richer in antioxidants. The meat is low in fat, calories and high in protein, which makes the good tasting meat even better! They are the all-around best breed of cattle to raise for a farm and for consumers.

Unlike other cow farms, all our livestock is cage free. Our cattle roams and always grazes our large property. Other cow farms keep their cows in confined barns or stables that are generally very small. Those cows get minimal grazing time with rotation of the other animals on the farm. The cows on these other farms live in “feedlots” which are confined cages and then are taken to a slaughterhouse a few months later. Confined cows are in extremely poor health and live miserable, short lives. Confined cows are not treated how an animal should be. Other farms often will inject their cattle with harmful growth hormones and antibiotics. Our cows grow at their own rate with the diet of grass and natural feed. Our cows are treated like royalty compared to other farms. They are healthy and loved animals that are treated as any other family pet. We always encourage our customers to come out to our farm to meet our gentle, happy cattle.

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