Pasture Hogs

At Glenmar Farms, we raise pasture hogs for our customers. Pasture is basically another term for “free range”. Unlike many other farms and corporation farms, our hogs can roam around as they please. We do provide a shelter for the hogs to go in during inclement weather or at nighttime. These types of shelters are also used for the Sows, female pigs, to give birth in and feed their piglets in. Pasture pigs have a special feed but also eat grass and other plants as they graze. The grass is a diversity in their diet and allows them to have a more natural diet compared to confinement kept hogs. Confinement kept hogs have terrible living conditions and are also fed to gain weight for a better sale. Our pigs live in the pasture 98% of the time with exceptions of shelters. We raise pigs how a pig should live.

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Our hogs live on a wide-open 200-acre farm with lots of green grass. Pasture is available to our pigs all hours of the day and night. However, almost all the meat that consumers buy in stores come from a factory with very different living conditions. They are typically in the form of confinement barns, farrowing crate, and small pens with very minimal free-range activity.


The pigs in confinement are being GMO-fed. GMO foods include corn, soybeans, sugar beets, and more. Studies show that GMO-fed hogs tend to have more occurrences of stomach inflammation compared to non-GMO-fed pasture hogs. In these corporate farming companies, they inject their animals with hormones, vaccines, medications, antibiotics, chemical wormers, and much more to just make more money. Our pigs are free of any harmful injections such as unnecessary antibiotics, chemicals and vaccines.

We raise happy and healthy livestock at Glenmar Farms. Our hogs are all different colors and sizes. They have lots of personality and are very well taken care of animals. Corporation farms however do not have the same kind of mindset when it comes to raising livestock. Their animals are raised in horrible conditions in order to make more money and increase production. They are kept in small living quarters, with as many possible pigs to fit in one area. They hardly have space to move around which is not even close to the type of free-range pigs that we raise. Glenmar Farms promotes health in our livestock and for our community. We encourage our customers to come visit our farm and meet our livestock to show that we raise our animals in a humane and safe way.


Pasture raised hogs differ in many ways from the commercial farm raised hogs. We encourage our customers to research these commercial farming companies and see for themselves how the hogs are raised. One of the main differences is the quality of the meat. Commercial raised hogs have so many injections and harmful diets that it not only hurts the livestock but the people who are eating the meat as well. Because of the diet we have our hogs on, our meat has a deeper, richer, and all-over better taste to the meat. Pasture raised pork tends to take longer to cook but creates a savory flavor. Once you try our pasture pork you will never buy from another grocery again! Shopping local not only benefits the quality of life for animals but is healthier for you and your family!

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