Kiko Goats

Kiko Goats are a one of a kind type of breed to own. These peaceful creatures were developed in New Zealand in the late 1970s. They are primarily used for meat, however, our registered kiko goats are sold for breeding stock. Kikos are extremely neat and low maintenance goats. They help maintain the upkeep of your property by grazing. Their food consists of only natural feed such as: grass, leaves, twigs, etc.  We call them the “brush clearing machines.”  Raising kikos in a pasture improves the quality of grazing for other livestock as well. They remove the plants and weeds in order to create more space for grass to grow.


Kiko goats are known for having clean and odorless furs. We raise parasite resistant livestock and do not participate in the hoof-trimming process. Due to the great health conditions of the Kiko Goat breed, the de-worming process is minimal. We value the quality of life for our Kiko Goats. They roam throughout our 200-acre farm in order to get the daily nutrition they need and to prevent disease settlement. Kiko goats can adapt and survive in any weather condition, even those that are not ideal and even harsh.


Kiko goats are a beautiful breed of goat from New Zealand. They have a medium, and sometimes large frame, that develops quickly. They have a rapid growth rate compared to other breeds because of the mother’s high-quality milk production and the constant grazing from childhood. The kiko goat can have a variety of fur coat colors but generally are white or cream color. Occasionally, some Kikos are red, brown, and black depending on their birth parents. Both the male and female, also known as “Bucks and Does” have horns. The horns become more distinct on the bucks than the does. The horns are most commonly used to defend themselves against predators.

Kiko kids are known to be very active from birth. Due to the mother’s high-quality milk supply, they tend to have lots of energy and personality. Baby Kikos will gain weight and grow faster than most other goat breeds. The Does generally have a larger litter size than other breeds. It is also common for Does to have a littler of twins and possibly triplets. The Kiko breed kids are known to have a very low mortality rate as well. Baby kikos love to run, jump, climb, and play with their siblings. The babies love to communicate with each other, most commonly with loud outburst. The outbursts generally sound like the goats are yelling or screaming at one another. The Kiko does have outstanding maternal instincts. The mother and child bond happen almost immediately for the kiko breed. This allows for the kids to start nursing and bonding within minutes of their birth.


The kiko goats on our farm have lots of personality. The goats are known to be comparable to your everyday pet, such as a dog or cat. Some of the babies will follow you all around the farm. They are very friendly animals that love to be played with and given attention too. Some baby kikos enjoy being held, cuddled, and nurtured as a mother would do. Our Kikos are constantly communicating with each other which makes for fun times playing with them. We generally will have many litters a year to provide for our customer’s needs. Our customers are welcome at Glenmar Farms anytime to play with our baby Kiko goats.

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