Free Range Chicken

Glenmar farms raises free range chickens and their eggs. Having “free-range” livestock means that animals are kept in their natural living conditions with freedom in movement. Our 200-acre farm allows our chickens to roam freely throughout the property in order to get all the nutrients they need to produce healthy eggs. We have a “chicken tractor” also known as a “chicken coop” for our chickens. This allows a safe place for our chickens to go at night and lay their eggs to ensure they are safe from any predator that might kill them. The chicken tractor is moved throughout the pasture often to encourage the chickens to graze different areas and eat more nutrients.

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A chicken’s natural diet should consist of anything found out in the pasture: grass, bugs, sticks, plants, etc. However, battery cage chickens do not have a natural and healthy diet. They are fed a GMO diet consisting of corn, soy, wheat, or anything that will make the chicken grow bigger, faster.


Not only are battery cage chickens fed a horrific, unnatural diet, they are raised with horrendous living conditions. They are bred in large facilities, cramped into small cages that they sometimes must share with other chickens. These cages are smaller than a sheet of paper and are designed to have the chickens sit an unnatural way causing feet deformations. Often, these large facilities will only keep hens because they lay eggs, males are generally killed at birth. The facilities sometimes will take drastic measures and cut off the hen’s beaks in order to keep them from hurting other hens or damaging the cages.

Chickens who are raised cage free and free range not only have a better life but produce healthier and higher quality eggs. Free range eggs taste better, look natural (like a real egg), and are healthier for the consumers. Caged eggs are at possible risk for inflammatory fat and can possibly test positive for salmonella. Aside from the way the free-range eggs taste, they also look much different than caged chicken eggs. Free range chicken eggs generally have a deeper yellow or sometimes orange yolk. Free rage eggs also have more health benefits. They have many more vitamins, less fat, less cholesterol, and more omega-3 fatty acids. The way a chicken eats is transferred into the eggs they produce. Eggs are used when cooking quite often and it is important that one uses a safe, natural egg.  For example, the free-range chickens eat lots of protein and natural foods. Would you rather eat a natural fed egg or artificial, GMO fed egg?


Our free-range chickens and eggs are healthy, happy, and tasty. Unlike the large farming companies with battery caged chickens, our chickens graze throughout our property constantly. We treat our chickens how animals should be treated. They are never mistreated, honestly, they are played with by our customers and children. Chickens have lots of personality if they can live and move around as they please. Some people may even compare a free-range chicken to an inside pet. We encourage all of our customers to come out to our farm and meet our livestock. Our chickens are constantly on the move and expressing their personalities. Shopping local is another important factor when purchasing chicken eggs. Just with other companies, many people know that shopping local supports your family and friends and gives back to the community. We want our customers to enjoy their eggs in a healthy way for a low cost.

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