About Us

Glenmar Farms is a family owned and operated business. Our farm is named after my parents, Glenn and Maryellen Pyles who purchased our family farm back in 1989. Glenmar Farms is on 200 acres of land. The property is very well maintained with lots of grass, trees, and ponds. All our animals are raised on this land and have been for over 30 years. Glenmar Farms raises many different animals on our farm. We raise pure bred kiko goats, pasture hogs, pasture raised chickens and eggs, and South Poll cattle. Glenmar Farms uses the MIRG, or Managed Intensive Rotational Grazing, method for all our pasture raised animals.

Meet Lincoln Pyles

Lincoln Pyles is the owner and operator of Glenmar Farms in Cecilia, Kentucky.

I was born and raised on this land and know it from the inside out. I observed and studied many of my family members farm and raise livestock through the years growing up. Once I finally became of age, I proudly took over the farm myself. I am very well educated in pasture raising animals and raising high quality bred cattle. Shortly after I created Glenmar Farms, my son Warren was born. He is the true definition of a miniature farmer. He is a tremendous help on the farm and assists me with many of the daily tasks it takes to manage a farm including: feeding animals, moving animals, and caring/playing with the animals.

-Lincoln Pyles

If you value family owned farms, healthy and happy raised livestock, and supporting your local farmers, please come visit our farm!